Our client was working with a global pharmaceutical company who was interested in commissioning a piece of healthcare insights market research

A key output for this was a publication in a well-known peer-reviewed journal

Having never commissioned a piece of healthcare insights market research, our client wanted to understand if publication was possible and which journals publish this type of research


We designed, planned and executed a literature landscaping project to support the client

We worked with the client to identify a range of search criteria that would highlight similar peer-reviewed publications to their proposed research based on geographical scope, respondent types and methodologies

We then created a bespoke dashboard to allow the client to analyse the data by the factors important to them


We identified over 50 publications in the last 10 years that met the same criteria of their proposed methodologies

We provided a database of the raw data with additional information such as key article themes, PubMed hyperlinks to the article and impact factor of the journal (where possible)

Our bespoke dashboard allowed the client to filter the publications by themes, respondent sample, date, target patient age group and methodology as well as providing charts on number of publications per year, per methodology and per journal

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