The client, a medical devices company, was working in the area of audiology and needed to understand more about the awareness, usage, perceptions and positioning of their brand relative to competitor brands of other market leaders. The client also intended to feed the insights into their brand strategy planning and required advanced analyses on some key data


We designed, planned and executed a 30-minute online survey in the target markets, US, Germany, France and Japan, achieving 675 completed surveys with hearing care professionals

We supported the client through every stage from questionnaire design, recruitment of eligible specialists, data collection, statistical analysis and insight reporting

We employed Max Diff and Segmentation analyses specifically to explore brand perceptions, barriers and drivers


We successfully delivered a bespoke online interactive dashboard displaying the quantitative data; this dashboard was multi-functional and served to support both global and affiliate stakeholders who wished to assess data relating to individual markets and brands

Combined with the findings from the interactive dashboard, the drivers and segments identified from the advanced statistical analyses were incorporated into the client’s marketing and business strategy

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