The client, a medical devices company, was working in the area of audiology and needed to understand more about the awareness, usage, perceptions and positioning of their brand relative to competitor brands of other market leaders. The client also intended to feed the insights into their brand strategy planning and required advanced analyses on some key data


We designed, planned and executed a simple 5-minute online survey. Data were collected using small tablets in each of the primary care health centres. An interactive dashboard displayed the data to the client in near real-time. The solution deployed allowed remote management of the survey to facilitate changes to the survey, software updates and system maintenance.

We supported the client through every stage from questionnaire design, implementation, data collection and data visualisation.


The client consistently gets 1,000 completed surveys from patients every month. The interactive dashboard allows these response to be analysed at any time allowing efficient reporting of key metrics both internally and to the CCG.

Survey responses have allowed improvements in patient care and demonstrates the value of the service to the CCG.

In addition, the service now consistently gets a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of ~90.

In February 2020, this project was rated as Outstanding by England’s Care Quality Commission

We saw one area of outstanding practice:

The provider was committed to empowering people who used the service to have a voice.  They had devised a software solution to collect patient feedback and this was beginning to shape the way services were delivered.  In particular, women’s services such as cervical smears were being piloted as a result of the feedback received.

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