RWE study can be defined as the collation and analysis of patient-level data other than in randomised controlled clinical trials (RCTs)

Expertise in generating and analysing real world evidence

Compelling real world evidence (RWE) is increasingly important to support the value proposition of healthcare products and devices

A foundation of this evidence is dependant on robust real world studies

Patient-level data can be obtained from a variety of sources, including:

  • patient registries

  • large scale non-interventional studies or observational studies

  • patient chart review

  • patient clinical audits

  • phase IV, post-marketing surveillance or safety studies

  • insurance claims databases etc.

A key aspect of RWE studies is that they ‘observe’ treatment and outcomes rather than ‘intervene’ in the clinical management of the patient

One of the key differences between RWE studies and RCTs and is that in the ‘real world’ the patient sample is likely to have a wider age range, co-morbidities, concomitant medication and varying levels of patient compliance with treatment

7i Group has substantial expertise in designing and delivering robust RWE studies

Our proven process is based on the steps shown in this flow chart

Click below to see case studies of RWE projects the team have delivered

Non-interventional Case Study
Digital Imaging Case Study

Global reach with multi-lingual capabilities

We have expertise in multiple therapy areas:

  • Respiratory

  • CNS

  • CV/Metabolic

  • Oncology

  • Inflammatory

  • Rare diseases

  • Etc.

Non-interventional Case Study
Digital Imaging Case Study
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