Continuous Listening And Real-time Insights TechnologY

The use of leading-edge technology and artificial intelligence…

… to listen continuously to a variety of digital communication channels 24/7…

… providing themes and sentiments delivering near real-time insights

Imagine if you could have answers to questions like these, in real-time, 24/7

What are patients saying?

How are our scientific messages resonating with healthcare professionals?

Has the recent congress changed sentiment towards our brand?

How effective is our latest campaign?

How well do our internal stakeholders understand and believe in our current strategy?

Imagine if you could have a near real-time dashboard that continuously combines:

existing and pro-actively generated data

structured and unstructured data

internal and external data

….. to provide increased awareness and deeper insight allowing more decisions to be made based on evidence


Prompting responses from a target audience using methods such as:

  • online surveys
  • 2 way SMS messaging
  • voting apps

Fully compliant with the codes of conduct of various professional market research bodies


Continuous listening of the online multichannel landscape

Fully compliant with all aspects of relevant data protection regulations


  • Survey data
  • Financial data
  • Sales data
  • Categorised data


  • Free text notes and comments
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Uncategorised data

Real-Time Dashboard

24 / 7
Multiple Platforms
Automated Alerts

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