Our combination of services meets a range of client needs

Primary Market Research

Voice of the… prescriber, patient, payor
Primary market research to understand the views and opinions of target audiences

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Secondary/Desk Research

Secondary market research, also known as desk research, to evaluate disease, treatment, competitor and publication landscapes

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Social Media Analysis

Leading-edge technology and AI to listen and analyse digital communication channels and social media

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Real World Evidence

Expertise in generating and analysing real world evidence
Robust real world studies

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Internal Research, Consultancy & Training

Helping clients to understand and develop their internal teams and existing insights

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Data Visualisation

Interactive web-based dashboards, customer designed models e.g. market simulators etc.

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Patient-Based Forecasting

Market sizing, market segmentation and forecasting – analysing epidemiology, collecting data and building the model

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Competitor & Disease Landscaping

Desk research to evaluate the disease, treatment, competitor and publication landscape

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Primary & Secondary Market Research

Broad range of expertise across functions (scientific, digital, market access) and methodologies (primary, secondary, desk research, social media)

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